Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Karma?

We are an international digital marketing agency, cooperating to create online sales funnels that perform with 300% ROI (or above). Helping people & companies with products/services that people planet, people and profit first.

Why would I work with Social Karma?

With a decade of experience, we set out to master digital marketing. We have now mastered online sales funnels. Social Karma, with a global international team, uses this knowledge to help like-minded companies, putting planet, people and profit first.

How can you guarantee 300% ROAS?

Achieving 300% ROAS is never guaranteed. However, we stick to a process. First a product/market study, then customer avatar building, setting up an online funnel, and then testing.  

What kind of companies do you work with?

We have worked with all types, from recruitment, e-commerce, conferences, you name it.  After a change in mission at the end of 2018, we now only work with companies that stick to a common set of ethics, putting planet, people  profit first.

Where are you located?

We currently have offices in the U.S. & Poland.

The recent pandemic, has shown that working remote can work. The trick is how to motivate your employees?

That’s easy, a shared purpose.

We either create our own regenerative products, or choose others with common ethics. 

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